Libyan Spectrum

The Libyan spectrum allocation plan is a project under the management and control of the Authority of Communications and Informatics, the plan is not jet published despite its almost ready and known.

In General, the Libyan spectrum allocation plan is similar to the European spectrum allocations, except of very little differences.

The specialists of the regulator are developing and updating the plan as needed and required for Libyan environment and technology compliance.

What is mandatory to approve?

- Any instrument operating with RF frequency like (WLAN, Wi-Fi, BT, UHF etc.)
- Any instrument with send/receive function like (LAN, two way satellite systems, internet appliances and routers etc.)

Requirements of a type approval certificate

To submit a request for a type approval certificate, following is required:
1. Technical specifications files (TCF documentation)
2. Declaration of conformity (DoC) for the instrument from the manufacturer
3. Test reports (EMC) - (Safety) - (SAR for mobile phones)
4. Filling the application form and data tables

1. LY Compliance undertakes all procedures and processes until certificate delivery to manufacturers, agents or consultants
2. LY Compliance undertakes all fees and payments including regulator fees, transfer, banking, submitting and collection of certificates at Authority facility
3. Lead time is expected to be 1 to 2 weeks, but in very rare cases it can take 3 or 4 weeks
4. At the meanwhile there is no need for samples
5. At the meanwhile there is no labeling requirements
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